my most funkiest moments...
it was during the last of four funkadelic shows in four days in feburary. it was towards the end of the show and i left my usual front row position to get a drink at the anaheim house of blues bar. the band was cranking dat funk and i was feeling it deep doing my natural funky dance. an original 
"swim" type groove bounce dead on da' beat. i peep back at the stage and see george clinton peepin me and then he starts doing my dance!! now how funky is that? the funkiest man on the planet, the creator of funk feeling my funky vibe and doing my dance!!! 

there was this 20 sum'n white dude up by the bar who when he saw all this happen got all excited, started jumpin up and down, grabbed and hugged me and told me i was the man. 

that same show in the heart of disneyland i started the chant "lets get this muthafucka started" uncensored in the heart of the wondeful world of disney with a creative melody dead on the house music's beat.lots of funk friends there, vibe was on fool!!

funk tour 2000: san diego, los angeles, vegas and then the above anaheim show

trulio disgracious playing funkadelic at the templebar on my birthday 2001. overton was there. had no idea that trulio would play funkadelic. they played cosmic slop which is my fave song all time done live. spacy t played lead guitar, lonnie meganut marshall on bass. john steward on drums. norwood on da mic.

Artisan xmas party. my vibe was on full, maybe my most "funkiest" night publicly. did a very sensual dance one on one with lisa g. definitely went into something spiritual as i could feel my body performing at a higher level. i was doing things physically and rhythmically that took great concentration.  

the band did a special p-funk song (flashlight). i  lead "play that funky music whiteboy" on stage and was deep in the groove. i opened my shirt to show my blair witch t-shirt. i was on that night.

new years 2001. first day of 2001, dressed in my steeler jesters hat and regular clothes waving see ya later at the airport shuttle full of funkadelics pulling off i look up face to face, eye to eye with gary shider. very cool way to start the year. flying up to oakland for that show on my plane (unexpectedly) was greg thomas, blackbyrd, frankie and billy bass. get to the hotel and most of the mob was staying there. (coincidence?) wake up the next day after the show the lobby is full of funkadelics. 
singing with george at luna park, it was my 6th funk show in 7 nights. the crowd had dissipated during a break, so basically it was george singing, frankie on drums on a 2 foot high stage maybe 10 feet from me. george was singing quickie. also that night got to semi slow groove with belita woods and was able to tell her how much i liked mathematics. aftereards, archie ivy introduced hisself to me

dancing in the rain and having fans at the steeler-49er game shouting "p-funk p-funk"
that whole day and weekend my vibe was higher than it had ever been. my energy and philosophy was on full. one of the first times i recognized this "power" and the energy was becoming tangible. was forced to admit to myself that i was able to manage and control the effect my energy has on people around me.

90% complete uninhibited freedom. average white band, tower of power. oxnard performing arts center. totally relaxed but aware of the "power." knew i could vibe anyone at anytime. i can make someone across the room feel an emotion. or i can stimulate and relay emotional information  via eye contact and body movement. and i know it. maybe now i can do it on a bigger scale. confidence has a lot to do with it. has to be right, i cant force it. dont want to force it. 

had been a longtime since i grooved publicly. little black girl dancin behind me. then saw her up at the front of the stage later by herself, had to be like 7 or 8. she was in groove. very close to the beat but just not quite. when she she would clap it would be on beat. thinking back it was body control or agility. she hasnt attained full control of her limbs. still a bit awkward, that would account for the slightly off beat. i was standing in the far right rows against the wall. 3 seats and an aisle and also a corner that had very good acoustics. wondered what people not use to seeing someone groove like this and with a little girl (i never looked at he though, never even made eye contact. but we was in a groove.) might think or felt. i believe it maybe be gestures or body movements that are unmistakably happy. an animal cannot cannot fake them. you can clearly see it is a true emotion.  


sittin up top i could see who could see what. i saw everybody sittin down and two people dancin (the native american girl) and how visible and obvious it was. i guess from experience how much a person seeing that would absorb. how that would make them feel. just sitting there. there was a time when i said "i need to go to a place where more people can see me." it was after i got into deep groove in the back of the balcony. i went to my assigned seat, which was j25, lower right one seat off right aisle. 

me and native american girl grooved in the aisiles too. they let us dance there. 

got autograph but they was bust talkin to other people. it got passed down all fast an actually someone else used it and i took theirs. i wasnt fightin the crowd at all. 

brother behind me on date. when they played a love of your own i went into groove. and i know he and she felt it. if they liked it i dont know. how it made them feel i didnt look to notice. but i was in it deep.

90% complete uninhibited freedom. able to go into rhythmic trance. spinal cord movements. building tension? felt i could have pushed to a climax. able to go deep even though most of crowd were stillstanders

dancin at very top of last row balcony. black female security guard standing maybe 15 feet from me. she had to feel it and i was getting it. i was letting it go and i knew it. i knew i was hittin it.

start slow from inside. feel the small pulse. it can go faster. what is it? is it spinal muscles? is something really moving or am i sensing something. or is it just a false sensory stimulation. but i feel it and at first it feels offbeat but it dont matter cause i know i will groove it in rhythm no matter what beat it is. maybe all grooves have to come back around. 


every move, even moves that make me hit a wrong beat. i will stay on that wrong beat, or try to keep it. sometimes when i do it eventually becomes on beat. like when i do a head-shoulder shake and it hits the wrong beat. imagine the rhythmic ability to stay dead off beat. having had the experience of being dead on beat, and "in the pocket." experiencing what its like to be dead off beat and maintain a dead off beat groove. but that time off beat has to be a beat. it has to be a factor of the beat so from some angle it is on beat. no matter what two grooves. if you step back far enough and can listen to any two grooves long enough, there will be a pattern that is a groove itself . a groove consisting of the beats the moments when the two grooves come together. eventually any two grooves will have a simultaneous beat. and that simultaneous beat will repeat. (i bet we could use numbers to prove this. pi is the only non repeating number. there is only one pi. if there were two, we possibly could have two grooves that would not rhythm.


that off beat time, off groove.  

native american female next to me. on beat, she felt it. we danced never with each other, but many times together. "i danced alone and never gazed in her direction, this does not mean that we did not trade affection." last dance gclinton. she danced with her other girlfriend 

my sunset blvd cruise a couple fridays ago i was at close to 90% power.  

carry over to company picnic today. was finger poppin up by stage between speakers. some kinda upbeat american made latin music or sum'n and i anticpated a pause. while i knew folx was watching. it wasnt like an auditorium so not many were actually facing the stage. i just kinda wandered over there and was aware a few people could see me. and when i nailed that break i heard reaction. female laugh kinda. i was so relaxed and in groove. they was playin old school lakeside, gap band, etc for a minute. i came in to the picnic area groovin. ate and it was good. had a very good night and was still feelin that. wore my greatful dead shirt proudly.  


weapon of choice at the key club, music took me physically higher than ever. the energy i got from being in groove took me to a new level. 

soulive taking me physically higher than ever before. deeper still into the groove.

doing an original rap over a self remixed version of atomic dog at my company's xmas party. (hughes avicom international)

my honorable mentions
(and/or moments that happened after which may make the top 10)

old #10. first time i got on stage with parliament/funkadelic. i got to dance next to george. it ws during atomic dog when the girls are asked on stage. this was early 90s.


overton handing me the first poster at the house of blues LA show 2000

flying to vegas for a show and flying home the next day and going to work
and seeing them the next night

running into frankie waddy at blockbuster video on the day i walked out of work. i packed up all my stuff and told my boss and human resources that i had to get out. i was prepared to quit. food and movies for comfort and thats when i ran into frankie. i played it off as i looked at movies as i wasnt in the best of moods and somehow we both ended up looking at the same movie. (it was the movie foolish with eddie griffin that we and the job i just walked out on released). i casually asked "so when y'all going back out again?" i went on to explain and that led to more conversation. also ran into him another time at a furniture store in the valley.

weapon of choice temple bar when they went off on some improv stuff

funkiest moment that didnt happen
vp of music at Artisan had set up a lunch with me, her, george and others 
( it got cancelled that morning, but i went to bed thinking it was going down)

memebr of funkadelic telling me that when he sees me at a show he knows its gonna be allright

loaning clip cab fare when he got to the midnight vegas alladin show late. show was over and i was leaving when he came walking in. he took me backstage and repaid me plus $5. i owe him.

giving my PFUNK1 CA license plate to carlos (sir nose) and not getting it back!!!

marcy g offering me the opportunity to meet george clinton in exchange for my pfunk1 steeler jersey. on the way to that show (in vasilia) i got a page and found out i got a dream job at the jet propulsion laboratory. left that show and drove straight to vegas for fantasy football league draft. months later i saw the manufatured shirt that had PFUNK 1 on the back. (mine was first?!!).

november 2002
hanging out at the hollywood hotel where the mob was staying with the moon man. observing and just being around the p-funk daily tour routine. gary, boogie, steve boyd, moon and me squeezing in my convertible trying to go to roscoes chicken and waffles. (gary and boogie aint go, it was to crowded) 

greyhound funktrip april 2002-
caught a greyhound back to ohio and caught shows in columbus, cleveland and chicago. hit the daily number twice (ohio and penn). 

slapback at bb kings universal city walk. they played all kinds of p-funk. on another occasion (with benita) the dj between sets played the disco version of aqua boogie and the whole 15 minute version of not just knee deep. i was in a groove.

took bus trip to vegas with coworkers and while afternoon chillin in my hotel room somebody starts playing flashlight really, really loud. it was short, maybe 15 seconds but it was loud enough to damn near shake the hotel. (why do i think this is one of my most funkiest moments? kiss me on my ego) cause i think it was played cause of me?

overton making a sign on stage that was PFUNK1 specific.

getting compliments everytime i wear my PFUNK1 jersey. people asking me where my license plate is at the shows.