what follows is only one man's ideas, nothing more...

i been p-funkin'


Mothership Connection.

The lead keyboard

caught me,

the concept kept me.

For me, funk is more than just music, it is a way of life. I employ a hedonistic
philosophy in which playing and pleasure are as important as working and discipline.
I also strive to achieve harmony with everything I come in contact with.
The result is success in life and I celebrate this success with the dance.

Aqua Boogie

With the rythm it takes to dance to what we have to live thru,
you can dance underwater and not get wet.

from the song "Aqua Boogie" on the 1978 album

Motor Booty Affair

by Parliament

Aqua = water
Boogie = dance

if you have what it takes to dance thru what life has to offer,
you also have the power to do something as incredible as
dancing underwater and not getting wet-

psycho = mind
alpha = first

get your mind together first

disco = dance
beta = second

then work on your dance

bio = body
aqua = water

for the body-water

doloop = dance


PFUNK1 @ Hughes-Avicom Xmas '93