Just Between You and Me, 
the "P" Stands for "Pure" 
and  that's Funk Apogee
(The Culmination of a Nation)

-motor booty affair

the mothership symbolizes funk being brought to a rhythmless planet...
with this rhythm, each person's expression of  life (dance & vibration in spacetime) 
will resonate a perfect synergy that is its own reward

-a semi-discography-

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funk a philosophy of the highest understanding. 
it is pure and is created, controlled & defined 
only by each individual entity unto itself

the music of parliament funkadelic helps me to 
celebrate best the funk philosophy

 have studied parliament funkadelic theory in lyrics, album covers, etc for 28+ years.
parliament funkadelic is an extremely deep philosophy 
that never contradicts itself and is very very consistent.

for me, funk is a way of life. i employ a hedonistic philosophy in which playing and pleasure are as important as working and discipline. i also strive to achieve harmony with everything&everybody  that i come in contact with. the result is success in life and i  celebrate this success with the dance

Funk: The Music, The People, and The Rhythm oftheOne
 by Rickey Vincent. New York: St. Martins Griffin, 1996
(chapter 18: the metaphysics of the p: the mothership connection IS A MUST READ!!)

     oh how the music moves me, it grooves me (not just)Knee Deep
we compute a perfect funkfunkadelic 1980



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