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The Ancient World Web
Table of Contents (Rome Reborn:
The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture)
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The Civilizations Of The Ancient Near East
the rise of the human race 
Wade Davis - The Penan: Community In The Rainforest
Early Prehistory of Alaska
The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures
Chinese Cultural Studies:
Concise Political History of China

american nationhood

1996 syphilis outbreak


A look at Racial Types

Racial Myths

Nigger and Caricatures

Links to Race / Evolution / Genetics Sites

Racial Reality


Whiteness and the Social Entropy of Priviledge

A History of the White Race

National Association for the Advancement of White People

Who Invented White People?

What Should White People Do?

The Problem With White People...

Why do White People Like Black Music?

The White People at Pomona College

Whiteness Studies:
Deconstructing (the) Race

black population by city

Least Diverse us cities

Dreaming of a world without skinny white girls

white music

the origin of western heritage


EMBL Outstation, Hinxton. - Tools Home
Human Genome Project Information
Genome Monitoring Table
A Theory on the Origin of the Genetic Code, DNA
Yahoo! Science:Biology:Genetics:Genome Projects:Human Genome


Earth Statistics
Geologic Ages of Earth History
Earth History by Geologic Era
Earth Science:
Origin of Water on Earth Ocean Data
The Magnetosphere
AGU Web Site: A Beginner's Guide to the Earth's Magnetosphere

Hominid Species
smithsonian institute human origins program
Transitional Vertebrate Fossils FAQ
UCMP Evolution Entrance
Hominid Evolution, Australopithecus to Cro-Magnon
The Evolution of Life on Earth
Prominent Hominid Fossils
The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
Long Foreground -Overview of Human Evolution
Psychology, Culture, and Evolution
Signs of Consciousness
TLC - Dawn of Man
TLC - Dawn of Man - Early Humans
Evolution & Extinction
Peking Man
Peking Man and Homo erectus

Yahoo! Full Coverage:
Anthropology and Archaeology
Evolution's Arrow:The direction of evolution and the future of humanity

The Ascent Of Man Table Of Contents
AMONHOTEP.COM - The Real Eve, Out of Africa
The Human Origins Program at the Smithsonian Institution   

evolution of the mammalian cortex




Anatomy of the Human Body
Skeletal System
Inner Learning Online
Human Anatomy by System
Spine Vertebra and Disk
Skeletal System (Front View)
Image Index

Yahoo! Science:Biology:Anatomy
Main Back
LUMEN Dissector

Anatomy of the Human Body

sunlight, melanin, colour, light deprivation

endorphines, sexual attraction
Sperm Warfare



A Web site for the Lacandon Maya communities
History of the Mayas


Systematics of the Eukaryota
Tutorials at the Biozone --
Biological Sciences 101 William V. Glider
Protist Image Data: The Picture Gallery


The chemistry of love
Anatomy of the Brain
attempted summary of above
Limbic System: The Center of Emotions
Yahoo Search: brain emotions

Music and the Brain



the origin of life on earth
The Origin and Evolution of Life:A Product of Cosmic, Planetary, and Biological Processes
The Origin of Life: Abiotic Synthesis of Organic Molecules
The Origin of Lifeand The Suppression of Truth
The Dawn of Animal Life Exhibit
Ask the Space Scientist about : Earth - Origin of Life

Cosmology and the Origin of Life
What Is Life? Klyce
COSMIC ANCESTRY: Modern panspermia.

Where did we come from?

Molecular Fossils Of Early Life




CIA: TheWorld Factbook
(select a country)

U.S. Census Bureau Home Page

US Census Bureau: Statistics by Subject

US Census Bureau Demographics: State Rankings


Bureau of Justice Statistics
US crime stats


1990 Demographic Profile Generator
population & income stats by zip & other codes


Russian / American Contrasts
The SocioWeb

human development report