maybe thats what it is...

      Posted by jeffery on 3/21/2006, 6:55 pm, in reply to "OLD LINE UP OR NEW ONE?"


      i saw JOI & AMP & them as CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION
      and i identified with them and felt it as they played FUNK!!!

      not hip hop, i dont think they had any rap in their set!

      i, a 40 yr old who bought THE CLONES OF DR FUNKENSTEIN
      when it came out and who has his whole life held in high value the words
      of the song CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION, have a problem with
      something which is a "flawless testimony to the attainment of the P-FUNK"
      using a lyric about gettin your dick sucked.

      that is not deeper than abortion, to me thats primitive

      its almost blasphemous to me to hear something called
      CHILDREN OF PRODUCTION talk so much about gettin paid on they cd

      or some kind of love jones' or mackin'


      30 years ago we were already much deeper than that
      so why are we going backwards?


      the only thing i can say is that this hip hop generation is more in your face
      which is good but being nasty just for the sake of being
      vulgar is not the way i would exercise my creative freedoms

      maybe what we get from the FUNK DNA in todays youth is hip hop
      and thats the way they express and us old folks aint spose
      to like it. shit, it wouldnt be the first time a person
      from one generation didnt get with the followings vibe...

      maybe this music aint for me to like, but for the millions
      in the younger set who identify with it more...

      thats cool too, my issue and im allowed to have one in this
      country is that some shit aint FUNK and i want FUNK,
      not hip hop jazz pop called FUNK

      shit, having said all that DOES NOT mean i dont like the new CD


      hold up, wait a friggin minute!!!!!
      i just looked on the back of the CD and they thank god first!!!
      oh hell, no....





      hey im not saying that i dont like the cd,
      im just saying...