JOI song in XXX on FX?

        Posted by jeffery on 3/21/2006, 11:26 pm


        talkin on the phone to new mexico
        she freaks out and goes thats that
        JOI girl's song on the tv and i was like what?

        she was surfing hotel cable on business
        while i was editing video of TRULIO DISGRACIAS
        and sure enough remembered the song LICK when
        she heard it as i sent her a link so she could
        see what i was working on when we was on the
        phone at that time and it did not surprise me
        that she liked the song LICK. she says its the
        beat cause that shit is FUNK but i bet i know better.

        sure enough she puts the phone to the tv and
        i hear that funky bassline and can recognize
        the damn song myself via our cell phones.
        im impressed she recognized and remembered the song...


        JOI, who i first saw as the lead singer of
        at the GREEK THEATRE sept 2005


        now new mexico is doing naughty things on the phone





        this is how the universe works for me
        march 21, 2006